What this is……

Those pictures were taken August of ’09’. I received a pair of reds from a friend in Kentucky. She was gravid and we waited for her to lay first (reason she was thin) at his place. She had unknowingly retained about 9 eggs and ended up pushing out one of her uterine horns. I tried pushing it back into the cloaca with the hopes of it naturally retracting and attaching to heal. Well it didn’t work because every time she passed urates it would just come back out. One day I came home from work and checked on her only to see that the horn had bypassed the bandage and was completely dried out. At that point the only option was to cut it. She recovered fine but I don’t know the effects on reproduction as of yet. If she lays, it may only be half of her potential or it will take her longer to lay. I am hoping she goes this season.

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What is this?

I posted this on a forum and decided to include it here. I thought it to be an interesting post and am curious to see what people think it is. Please feel free to leave a comment with your guess.

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Albino Tegu Pictures

I took a couple of pics of my albino tegu. The sun was starting to set and I was losing light, but they didn’t come out too bad.  I hope he can get the job done this year. I guess time will tell.

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Nice Day Today

It was a nice day today so I took some pictures of a couple of tegus when I had the chance.

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Anole breeding 2011

I found these pictures that I took in the yard last year. I had forgotten that I had them on the computer. It’s amazing what you can actually find in your own backyard if you just take the time to open your eyes and observe.

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New Black and White

I picked up two Black and Whites a couple of weeks ago. It was a long drive but I think it was worth it. I only have a few pics of one right now. Here are the pics.


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Another clutch.

Well I had another clutch today, Friday June 10. She laid 38 eggs.

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First eggs of the season!

One of my red females laid a clutch of eggs Tuesday June  7th. There were 37 eggs but I think that a few are going to go bad soon, but we’ll see.

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I am hopeful for these two

I am hoping to get something from this pairing. Fingers crossed.

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Things are warming up.

I have started to see more and more breeding activity in the black and whites and the reds. Hopefully eggs will follow, but we’ll see. Here are a couple of pics.

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