What this is……

Those pictures were taken August of ’09’. I received a pair of reds from a friend in Kentucky. She was gravid and we waited for her to lay first (reason she was thin) at his place. She had unknowingly retained about 9 eggs and ended up pushing out one of her uterine horns. I tried pushing it back into the cloaca with the hopes of it naturally retracting and attaching to heal. Well it didn’t work because every time she passed urates it would just come back out. One day I came home from work and checked on her only to see that the horn had bypassed the bandage and was completely dried out. At that point the only option was to cut it. She recovered fine but I don’t know the effects on reproduction as of yet. If she lays, it may only be half of her potential or it will take her longer to lay. I am hoping she goes this season.

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